Go higher, faster and wilder with Titanium parts

Do you want to go higher and faster on your BMX? Then Titanium parts might be the right thing for you. Find out why right here.

Yes, Titanium is an expensive material, but they are worth it. Choose your titanium parts wisely, and you will save a lot of weight, something that you will feel immediately.

In race BMX every second count, and for every gram, you can shave off, you can save precious time. Changing to Titanium bolts could be the crucial factor in you crossing the finishing line first.

Many small things add up to a lot

So, how can such a little part make such a huge difference? Consider the number of bolts that are used to hold your bike together. Then consider what they weigh if you add them up altogether.

By changing your hub bolts with TLC Metric Titanium Hub Bolts and TLC Titanium BMX Axle Nuts made from aircraft-grade Titanium, you will cut down weight.

Both parts come in two colors and fit all BMX hubs that use 3/8″ x 24tpi thread such as BSD, Shadow, Eclat, Colony, Total, Federal, Primo, United, WTP, Odyssey, and Salt.

Get an advantage at the skatepark

Freestyle park riders are also changing their Hi-Ten bolts with Titanium ones to go higher and spin faster. Inuk Siegstad is one of those.

"I use a solid crank spindle bolt, seat clamp bolt, and nut, Metric Titanium stem bolts, and 4x metric Titanium hub bolts and nuts, all from TLC”, he says and adds.

“It makes my bike so much lighter, which means that I can do more tricks in the air and on the ground, and that's what's it's all about when you are at competitions”

An important thing to remember

If you choose to use both nuts and bolts made of aluminum always make sure to apply anti-seize compound such as this from TLC before installation.

This is to avoid that your titanium bolts are seizing or cold welding together. If you don't use anti-seize compound, you risk that the parts get stuck and that you can't take them apart again.


See all our titanium parts from TLC bikes right here.

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