Welcome SOVRN skateboards!

One of our newest additions to the army of rad skateboard brands is SOVRN. If you haven't heard, you really need to check these guys out - they make probably some of the prettiest and "poppiest" boards.

SOVRN is not just another skate brand, it is an art collective of passionate skateboarders, artists, designers, and a whole bunch of amazing people turning wood into a piece of art, both aesthetically and technically.

Pop like no other!

Every SOVRN board is made with premium wood and loaded with a massive amount of pop.

It is crazy how high these babies go and how good they look! So if you want to rule the streets or the skate park - this is your brand!

It is not all about the looks but...boy, oh, boy!

And without sounding too shallow, we also need to pay attention to the graphics and design of the SOVRN decks.

Each and every deck has an artist name behind it, meaning that you will get not only an amazing board but also a tiny piece of art.

It comes down to perfection

The LA-based company has a strong crew of cinematographers, photographers, and art designers that are all bound together by their passion for skateboards and art.

That is why, the combination of passion, technical precision, and aesthetics is at its absolute top with SOVRN.

All the guys care about is achieving perfection both on the inside and the outside!


So keep an eye, pick your favorite, and be the sovereign rulers of the streets with SOVRN!

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