5 tips to become a longboard guru this summer!

Now is the perfect time to get your boards out! We reached out to our awesome team rider, Cassandre Lemoine, and asked her to share her tips and tricks to becoming a longboard rockstar.

Sun is shining, the breeze is playful and all you want is to get on that longboard you store in the corner.

Lacking confidence? Fear not, Cassandre got some quick tips to get you started.

She shared with us that she started exactly like this, "on a nice summer day, with two best friends, barefoot, music in the background, roaming the streets of Paris ... a real small dream!"

"And since then I haven't left my board", adds Cassandre. Now she is one of the best longboard dancers and without postponing longer, let's hear what are the 5 tips she got to all of us.

Tip #1: Start in a group

"It is always more motivating and fun to start with your friends", says Canssandre.

Tip #2: Define which type of longboard you want

Various shapes, styles, and designs of longboards exist. So make sure you pick the one that matches your interest. You still don't know? Well, check our guide and get a good overview.

"It is very important to feel comfortable on your board from the beginning", adds Cassandre.

Tip #3: "Don't be afraid to get started!"

Sounds like a pretty straight forward point but Cassandre adds and explains further:

"Arm yourself with a helmet and wrist guard and off you go! The less you crash on the board, the better and more stable you'll become eventually".

Tip #4: Start on a flat and wide road

"Preferably without cars - less dangerous, you will enjoy it more", Cassandre emphasizes. Simple as that but pretty important point that many may overlook.

Tip #5: Just grab a taste of it!

Action sports are addictive, in a good way, of course, and Cassandre fully supports that:

"You only have to become addicted to longboarding! You will quickly taste the fun and you will not be able to do without it".

And because becoming the best longboarder in town craves some effort and learning...

...Cassandre adds a pro tip and tutorial: "Don't hesitate to watch tutorials or take a class to ensure your safety".


Ready to rumble? Then go check our stock of longboards and hit the streets!

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