Foiling is a big deal! And you need to try it with Slingshot!

For several years foiling has been slowly but steadily finding its way into people’s hearts. One of the biggest innovators in it is Slingshot. Want to know why? Read on.

Made to fit together like milk and cookies

Slingshot has come up with the Hover Glide Fsurf Hydrohfoil that matches perfectly to the Sky Walker Foil Surfboard to give you the best experience ever without being too techy or hard to use.

One of the problems with foiling is that the first time you get on the board it is a total new experience and it takes some time to get used to.

This also, unfortunately, can leave you with a broken hydrofoil and bad memories.

But not with these two buddies. Slingshot has designed them to match perfectly together and ease you into foiling.

No wave is too small for this foil

The Slingshot Hover Glide Fsurf Hydrohfoil comes with a front wing that will easily lift you up, keep you stable, and at the same time give you enough speed even in medium-sized waves.

This Infinity 76 front wing gives you tons of range and tons of lift, something that bigger wings can’t. It is super easy to pump and will help you enjoy any conditions without much effort.

Your best friend will be a board

The Slingshot Sky Walker Foil Surfboard is not only made to match the Hover Glide foil but also all your needs. It is the perfect entry-into-foiling surfboard.

Specifically built for foiling, the Sky Walker is ready to withstand the forces of a foil and at the same time help you get up and take off even when the waves are smaller.

The shape of the board is also designed to make beginners feel comfortable and have the most fun.

It has quite large volume for its length to ride even the low-energy waves, while it’s still short enough to keep it maneuverable and agile.


Now, do you believe us that Slingshot is the go-to brand? Check all we got here!

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