Ricardo Lino's marathon guide for beginners

Go from zero to hero in no time with this marathon guide. No matter if you are a newcomer or have skated for a few seasons, there is some serious knowledge about inline skating technique.

Skater and YouTuber Ricardo Lino and his wife, Janice, and their daughter are traveling across Europe to skate. The end goal is to participate in the Berlin Inline Marathon as a family.

While Ricardo has been skating since he was a little child and participated in marathons before, it's a different story with his wife.

Ricardo and Janice are going to make a series of videos about how to get ready for an inline marathon.

In this video, the Linos are talking about how to choose an inline skate if you are a beginner.

Furthermore, Ricardo shows how to perfect your techniques in an easy way.


Make sure to follow Ricardo Lino on YouTube to stay tuned, and see if the Linos will get ready for the Berlin Marathon and to see more awesome inline skating content.

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