Roam the wild with the Reed Stark's Safari signature parts

Become the king of the urban jungle with the new 2019 version of the Reed Stark signature fame from BSD. Add the rest of the parts in his Safari series, and get the perfect street setup.

Durability is vital for Reed, who often finds himself days away from the nearest BMX Shop in his quest of finding street spots around the world.

So, it was a natural choice for him to go with a full BSD setup from top to bottom. When he got his own signature series called Safari, he made sure that the parts are made to handle serious impacts from rough street riding.

Made for street shredding

Reed Stark's Safari Frame comes with a super long front end and short back, which makes it perfect for street action and techy tricks.

This Chromium Steel frame is made of a combination of butted tubing and external gussets, making it strong as a lion. Furthermore, the taller headtube distributes the stress at the front of the frame over a larger area.

The bike's invest cast dropouts are stronger than just the usually welded plates, and their small size makes sure that there's no overhang to catch on ledges or rails when you grind.

Solid as a rock

The Safari pedal has a rumor of being one of the most durable and practical plastic pedals in the market. Reed noticed that the corner pins on plastic pedals crunch and break off when a bike falls to the ground.

So, when Reed got his signature pedal, he made sure to make it durable. The result is a design with 20 hexagonal pins per side and even extra ones on the sides.

This makes sure that the pedal stays grippy even after taking some serious falls.

A wild handlebar

With its 3 degrees upsweep, the BSD Safari Bar is the perfect choice if you are looking for a bar that is comfortable to ride.

The bar is constructed from heat-treated multiple butted 4130 Chromoly, available in regular 7/8" and OS 1" Gorilla Grip versions.

No matter which setup you ride this two-piece bar will make your bike look wild.


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