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Scooter wheels: Bigger is better

Scooter wheels are getting bigger and wider pushing the barrier of what's possible to do on a scooter. Some of the best riders in the world are using 120X30mm wheels, why? Find out here.

As riders are going bigger, higher, and crazier, they want more speed, control, and durability. One of the answers is bigger and wider wheels.

Go higher and wilder than ever before

With a 120X30mm wheel such as the new Stage III Ultralight Wheels, you get fast acceleration and high-speed with minimum weight due to its undercut core.

The added amount of PU gives you a crazy amount of grip and adds to the lifespan of the wheel. Furthermore, extra width makes it easier to nail sketchy landings.

If you have an even bigger need for speed to take things higher, you can go all the way up to 125X30mm with the Ethic Mogway 12STD.

Make sure your fork fits

Are you thinking about riding 30mm wheels? If so, you need to check if your fork fits.

It's quite easy to find out, measure the space between the inside of the fork spacers to find out.

If not, you should check out the Native Versa Fork. The Versa is capable of running all industry-standard wheels from 100X 24mm up to 125X 30mm.

Check your deck

You also need to make sure that your deck can run 30mm since some will not be able to fit this size - so make sure that yours is compatible.

If you need a new deck to ride up to 30mm wide wheels, The Root Industries Air Deck is a perfect choice.

You get maximum space for grinding and sliding due to the flat bottom. There's no need for pegs use due to the boxed ends with interchangeable inserts.

Use the included flex fender and ride wheels up to a diameter of 120mmX30mm.


Check out our full selection of wheels here. If you want to look at more decks, you can find them right here.

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