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Big news! Primitive X Dragon Ball Z collab whop whop!

If Primitive didn't already melt your heart with the Rick and Morty collab, you will be stoked for sure this time. Yes, it is a Dragon Ball Z series that spreads all the way from decks to apparel and much more!

Goku, Gohan,Vegeta and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z crew are invading the new Primitive decks, tees, wheels and even griptape.

Be a full-blown DB-Z fan

You can build and get your board ready for battle from the bottom to the top, literally. Let's start with the deck.

Just like any other Primitive deck, you will be getting a super light, extra poppy, and high-quality Canadian maple Saiyan board.

Because details matter

And since a true fan goes all the way, we got you covered! We have stocked the Primitive Dragon Ball Z wheels which are classic hard wheels made with super quality materials.

Psst, one of the colorways for the wheels comes with 4 different designs...just because.

Get a grip of your tricks

If you need some Super Saiyan strength to make your tricks stick, just get some extra grippy Goku tape and voila!

It also looks super cool!

Dress to impress

And since we are going Dragon Ball Z bananas, we just had to toss that cool Goku tee in the game.

Regular fit, 100 % cotton and 100% sick design.

Want to see more from Primitive? Check all we got in our store.

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