Adrien Raza wins again: Triumph at Polish Skimboarding Open

We are stoked to announce that our skimboarding team rider, Adrien Raza got on top of the podium once again in this year's European Skimboarding Championship. Let's hear it from him!

How does it feel being the best?

What does it take to be the top skimboarder in Europe? Well, Adrien surely can give an answer to this:

"Find every opportunity you get to go skimboarding! Have fun and try to learn at least one new trick every session!", is his simple recipe.

Just like any sport, skimboarding requires devotion, a drop of passion, and solid persistence.

And indeed, every time we reach out to Adrien, he is somewhere riding or preparing for a competition.

The secret to a good prep

When we asked Adrien how he was getting ready for the Polish Skimboarding Open, he gave us quite an unexpected, yet rational answer:

“I try not to think about it too much. I tell myself that I'm riding for fun, and that's when my performance is at its best”, and continues:

“I hate getting caught up with stress from competitions, that's not what skimboarding is to me!”

What is skimboarding and where is it going?

For Adrien, skimboarding is life, passion, and something that needs to be enjoyed. But is the interest towards the sport growing?

“I see some improvements. I think that mainly comes from all the hard-working people around the industry”, answers Adrien and adds:

“Unfortunately, it's not growing at the rate we want it to be but it's growing slowly but surely!”

As with any growing action sport, skimboarding enjoys quite a tight-knit and supportive community.

So let’s get together and help spread the joy of skimboarding! Pick a board from out shelves and get practicing!

And to Adrien, big congrats for the win and fingers crossed for the next competition at Pangea Festival. Stay tuned!

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