The Mindless sunset set-up: Match your board

Mindless longboards came up with the Sunset cruiser and we loved it so much that we decided to create a matching outfit. Feel the summer vibes under your feet and wear them to spread the joy.

Once in a while, a super cool board will enter our shop and we just have to draw the attention to it. This is the case with the Mindless Sunset cruiser.

Easy come, easy go

And easy cruise. The Sunset board doesn't only impress with its funky summerly graphics. It is a fun and super easy board to ride down the sun-kissed streets.

The wide wheels will go through any little imperfection giving you a smooth, bump-less ride while the 5" Seagull trucks will give you responsiveness and control over the board.

Now match it up with your outfit

And since the colorway of the Sunset cruiser is absolutely dope, we turned up our mindless creativity a notch and found a matching outfit.

The Santa Cruz Fade Hand is just the beginning. To match the teal shades on the board, we picked the classic Screaming hand tee with a comfy, cotton fit.

The Dickies Industrial Work shorts will be perfect both for your regular cruise session and for a summer date.

The super durable materials make them good board shorts and the simplistic looks will match any occasion.

These shoes are made for walking...and skating

The Globe Empire Skate shoes are the perfect combo between awesome skatewear and good looks. You can easily cruise all day long with these super comfi sneaks.

Equipped with Nitrolite™ drop-in Shockbed™, the Globe Empire will give you comfortable and smooth feel even if you decide to pop a few tricks or gaps with the cruiser.


Check all of our skatewear in our shop. And if you have went nuts for Mindless, find your board here.

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