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Top picks: Inline skates for your kids

It's summer and what better way for your kid to spend some time outside in the great weather than having fun on a pair of skates. Here are 3 of our favorites

Skating is not only a great and healthy way to have fun. Inline skating also improves motor skills, strength, and balance.

We picked 3 inline skates that are perfect for getting your child into the amazing world of rollerblading.

Play for hours with the Roces Jokey

With the Roces Jokey, your child is ready to spend hours playing outside. The soft and anatomically shaped liner plus the EcoMesh keeps your kid’s feet happy, comfortable, and dry.

The shell is durable and has a high cuff, micro-adjustable buckles, and power straps. This gives your kid great support, which is essential, especially if he or she is new to skating and still needs to build up muscle strength in their ankles and legs.

Furthermore, the boot shell of the Roces Jokey extends over four shoe sizes; This means that the skates will grow with the size of your child's feet.

The perfect pair of inline skates to progress on

Whether your kid is a beginner or experienced skater, the Rollerblades Microblade is a real treat.

Your child gets a snug fit, stability, and balance due to the boot's construction. The integrated frame makes the skates light and easy to control because it brings your kid's feet closer to the ground.

The frame also gives the possibility to upgrade to a 3X80mm setup with the push of a button.

The Junior Fit Liner will keep your kid's feet so comfortable that they never want to take the skates off, due to its superior padding and breathability. The skates expand over 4 sizes, so there's no need to buy new skates next season.

A comfy skate for beginners

The K2 Marlee 2019 is designed to give your little one the perfect first experience with skating.

The high cuff gives great stability, and the vibration-absorbing composite frame has a low stand that keeps your child balanced and provides comfort on bumpy roads.

K2 is known for making comfortable skates, and the Marlee 2019 is no exception. The comfort is high thanks to the soft liner, and the well-ventilated boot allows your kid to skate for hours without getting sore feet.

These K2 Marlee skates are size-adjustable and will span over 5 shoe-sizes so they can grow with the feet of your child.


Want to see more inline skates for kids? Then check out our huge selection right here.

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