Go skimboarding with GoZone

If you want to practice your skate tricks in the water or simply have some fun with your mates, the GoZone Genesis skimboards got all the pop you need.

Fit for all

Now is the perfect time to grab a skimboard and hit the beach. No matter if we are talking first steps in skimboarding or an advanced water freak, the Genesis boards will be a perfect companion.

The classic twin-tip shape is perfect both to start on and perfect for doing any tricks you got on your mind.

Add to that the rocker that goes in both planes and you have some real sweet popping action going for you.

The rocker and the shape of the GoZone Genesis boards will make getting on any obstacle an easy game.

No more wax

The Genesis comes also with a clear anti-skid grip. This means that you don't need to wax your board anymore.

In case you are a fan of the EVA foam pads, you can always add them directly on top of the boards.


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