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Come to the Darkside with Rayne

The new Rayne Darkside boards are a dream come true when it comes to downhill longboarding. Packed with techy features and built with attention to the last detail, these boards will rock your world.

Apart from the absolutely badass look of the boards, these freeride monsters are meant to give you the best downhill ride you have ever had!

Super control

Let's start with one of the crucial points when it comes to freeriding - you need control and feedback from the board.

The Rayne Darkside decks come with radial drops which means super control and stability.

Add the intricate concave shape and the wheel wells that are directly laminated into the board and you got one of the most stable and steady downhill boards on the market.

Construction that will last

We know that freeride boards need to be sturdy without compromising on the performance quality.

The guys from Rayne have built the Darkside decks with vertically laminated bamboo sandwiched between Triaxial Fiberglass - meaning lightness, super durability, and strength.

But not only the deck will take some beating, but the stunning graphics will also stay with you for extra long.

The bottom sheet is similar to a snowboard top sheet which keeps the killer details in place.

Tempted to see more from Rayne? Check all we got from them on our shelves.

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