The Sinner XLT 2020 from Stolen is a next level complete

This beast of a complete BMX is the perfect choice for the street rider. The bike is loaded with aftermarket parts and is tailor-made to carry out techy lines.

If you are looking for a light and durable bike, packed with a bunch of crazy aftermarket parts, the Sinner XLT 2020 from Stolen is the right choice for you.

A strong and durable frame

The frame, fork, crank, and retro 4-piece handlebars are all made from ChroMoly making this bike strong enough to withstand even the hardest street riding.

The S-bend chainstay on the frame makes it possible to ride the larger 2.40" tires. Furthermore, it comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting a gyro brake system.

You won't have to worry about heavy landings due to the fork's tapered legs with increased strength and stiffness around the high-stress headtube area.

Packed with killer aftermarket parts

The guys at Stolen have put a bunch of high-end aftermarket parts on the bike, making it durable and perfect for street riding.

You get a grippy and smooth ride thanks to the fat 2.4" Hive Tirees with Stolen's innovative Bee-Hive-like pattern.

This gives you a smooth ride when you are riding upwards, and a crazy good grip when you are laying it over and doing wallrides.

The Sinner also features the Hive SuperStick grips which use the same hive pattern, and gives you an excellent and comfortable grip.

A sealed deal

No expenses have been spared on the Sinner, so of course, all bearings are sealed.

This means that you can spend more time riding and less time on maintenance because the bearings are safe from moist, gravel, and dust.


Check out the Sinner right here. Looking for new tires? Click here to out the Stolen 20" Hive Superstick BMX Tire.

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