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Sexy longboard news from Paris and Blood Orange

Best way to describe them - absolutely sexy and top performance. These are the new V3 generation Paris trucks and the Midnight series wheels from Blood Orange.

Roll with style

Blood Orange will put a big smile on any longboarders face with the hybrid Morgan Pro wheels. These babies will bridge the gap between freeride, freestyle, and cruise.

Things just got even better when they released the Midnight series of the Morgan Pro model that adds some very cool color to your style.

You can get them in dark blue, red or green and still enjoy the super quality of the Morgan Pro wheels - durable, stable, and absolutely fun to ride on.

What is a wheel without a truck

And to make things complete, just take a look at the new V3 Paris trucks we got in stock!

What is special about the V3 180 generation is the new forming process which results in extra strong trucks.

The redesigned hanger, the added support to the baseplate and the improved kingpin add super strengths to the V3 180 Paris trucks and help to absorb the stress from them.

But let’s not forget the looks! Yes, they are super good but they also look smoking hot. A mat finished red, blue, or black is just what will make your board pop.

Psst, the V3s also match really good with the Midnight Blood Orange wheels.


Check out everything we have from Paris Trucks and Blood Orange in our store and pimp your board.

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