Andrew Broussard: This is the scooter design of the future

For the first time, the TDI 2-Piece Deck System by PROTO scooters is available in Europe! Featuring the new version of the OrionTH nex, the Space 2 DEX and the Deck-End Kit! We met with PROTO’s founder, Andrew Broussard, to learn more.

The PROTO TDI System is going to change the way you think scooter parts. It allows you to customize your scooter deck and replace worn down parts without throwing the whole deck away.

Coming in at 5" wide and with flat sides, the Space 2 TDI DEX from PROTO is perfect for grinding, but also for high-speed shredding. Add the sleek, strong and sweet looking PROTO OrionTH NEX, and you got a connection between the deck and neck that is superior to any welded connection.

“This is the design of the future. Making scooters modular with a set of standardization rules across the industry would make your deck 100% customizable. It would allow you to mix all your personal preferences into one deck”, says Andrew Broussard who has invented the TDI System.

A system like no other

Unlike a one-piece deck, the TDI System's neck/headtube are separate components held together by a tongue and groove.

"The forged neck is the most expensive part to produce. On a regular one-piece deck it's permanently attached to the deck extrusion, which is going to break at some point", Andrew says and adds:

“Why throw the whole deck away, when it's never the forged neck tube that breaks? The TDI System allows you to replace the deck plate itself instead of the entire neck/deck assembly like a one-piece deck. It's cheaper for the rider, and also more eco-friendly”.

Modular parts are the future

Andrew is the inventor of the SCS-system (Standard Compression System), and it's precisely compatibility and standardization that is the future for the scooter industry according to him.

"If everybody used a standard size, we could make everything modular. As long as the way the parts fits together is the same, every brand could still make their own design," he says and continues:

"This would, in theory, mean that if all brands offered TDI compatible parts, you would be able to customize every little part and component of your deck. No more being limited to which one-piece deck is available on the market"


Get your own PROTO Space 2 TDI DEX, OrionTH NEX, and Deck End Kit here. Be sure to check out the rest of our selection of PROTO parts out right here.

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