2020 Slingshot kite teaser: Coming this fall

We are eagerly waiting for the kite early-fall drop from Slingshot and so should you. Some newcomers are joining their line and others are getting redesigned and upgraded. See what is coming.

Fly high, boost up and power through

The Raptor is the new kite that all of you big air lovers should be looking forward to.

The Slingshot Raptor 2020 goes higher, bigger, and the power charge in it will put a smile on every freeride/freestyle kite junkie.

Rally GT gets a facelift and looks better than ever

The Slingshot Rally GT is one of the all-time favorites that you will fall in love even more. The Rally GT has been re-designed to give you even more versatility and freedom.

The 2020 model promises even bigger wind range and smoother power control, making it the perfect hybrid.

It is the all-time favorite suitable for all kinds of riders and all types of conditions. ‘Nough said!

The freerider's dream 2.0

The Slingshot SST comes again in its V5 model with more lightness and responsiveness.

For all of you who love downwind riding, foiling, you name it, this is the kite to look forward to! The new SST will immediately react to any move and drift easily for the lightest ride ever!


Too eager to wait? Check what we already got from Slingshot here.

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