Cruise like a boss with the Harbinger or the Crook

The street cruisers from DB Longboards will be a good companion during your city tours with their super functional shape and high-quality parts. Plus, they look too good to be true.

There is no such thing as cracks and bumps

The DB Harbinger and Crook completes are designed to get you through all the little city traps like road cracks, sewer grates, and curbs.

The wheel cutouts allow you to be super maneuverable while the double kick tail shape begs you to pop a few tricks on the way, just for fun!

You can ride on clouds

You will literally feel like skateboarding on cotton-soft clouds with the soft 60 mm wheels from CloudRide.

With these wheels, you will not even notice that you are going through the small cracks or bumps.

CloudRide are well-known for their quality urethane wheels which last long and guarantee perfect grip.

High-quality to the bone

First, let’s talk about trucks. These DB street cruisers are equipped with legendary Atlas trucks that are light enough to lift you up and sturdy enough to take the city beating.

But that is not all. Even the grip tape has been paid proper attention. It is screen printed, with some really rad details!

Wanna see more from DB Longboards? Check our stock here!

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