Fresh summer BMX news from Stolen and Fiction

The new parts from Fiction and Stolen are not only quality parts at a great price they also come in a fresh summer version.

We love gear, and we love to share new gear with you, so of course, we had to share some of the brand new color parts from the new Stolen and Fiction collection with you.

A sturdy and fresh looking rim

The Stolen 18" Rampage Rim is designed to withstand hard riding. This aluminum rim is light, reinforced at the stress points and thin at low-pressure points to keep the weight down but still be durable.

This rim does not only come at a reasonable price, but the Rampage also comes in two colorways; Caribbean Green and Anodized Black.

A well-padded seat

Looking for a durable and well-padded seat? The Stolen Diamond XL Pivotal Seat is the right choice for you.

Not only is it the seat equipped with the thickest padding in the entire Stolen line-up, but it also has a reinforced nose design and tear-resistant panels.

...Oh yeah, did we mention, that it looks fantastic with its colorful diamond pattern.

Grind like never before

We are crazy about the new Fiction Night Stalker Pegs. The sleeve on this model is out of Thermalite material, which makes it resistant against cracking and deformation.

At the same time, it slides better than Chromoly on most surfaces. The peg is 4,8" which helps you to stay locked into grinds and helps you to avoid sliding out on slick material.

The core is aluminum, which makes the Fiction Night Stalker Pegs light and durable.


Be sure to check out the rest of the fresh new parts from Stolen here and Fiction BMX right here.

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