The new Roces Fifth Element skate is here!

Take your blading to the next level with the long-awaited aggressive blades - the Fifth Element Skates from Roces.

Roces has taken the look from one of the 90’s most groundbreaking skates, but packed it with modern technology. The result, a pair of aggressive blades that is here to change the game.

Lock in your grinds with the new wide two-piece soul plate

You get a wide soul plate making it easier to lock on when doing grinds. At the same time, it is two-pieced which lets you customize your soul plate and adds to the lifespan of the skate.

Roces has equipped the 2019 version of the Fifth Element skate with the UFS system which gives you the possibility to mount your favorite frame.

The frames come anti-rockered but the skates are also most suitable for a flat setup.

Designed to give you stability, support, and comfort

You get great stability and support thanks to the boot's hard shell. At the same time, the top part around the tongue and lacing system is softer and provides you with a snug fit.

Photo by: Joe Austin

The skate has the new Roces Comfort Liner with memory foam and a Dual Shock absorber. This gives you a perfect fitting skate and allows you to blade for hours without killing your feet.

The Fifth Element is wider than the Roces M12, making them more comfy for you who thinks that the M12 has a too narrow fit.


Pre-order your Roces Fifth Element Aggressive Skates right here. Want to see more aggressive skates? Then find the rest of our huge selection of aggressive skates right here.

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