Get ready for the world's biggest skating event! 

More than 4000 athletes will attend the Barcelona 2019 World Roller Games to compete for the World Championship in 11 disciplines such as Scootering, Aggressive Blading, Skateboarding and much more.

From this Thursday, the 4th of July, Barcelona is going to host its biggest sporting event since the Olympic Games in 1992, and it's an action sports event!

Riding with the best in the World

For 11 days, action sports athletes from more than 81 countries will compete to be the best on the planet in their discipline, one of them is our team rider, Timon Kunze, who is going to compete in the Scooter World Championship.

"Right now, I feel pretty normal, but I’m sure that I will be nervous when I’m standing at the ramp ready to drop in and start my run. My goal is reaching the top 15, but it’s not only about the competition - I’m also really looking forward to hanging with my friends”, he says.

Your chance to check out a lot of different action sports

The 11 disciplines are Scootering, Alpine Inline Skating, Artistic Roller Skating, Roller Freestyle (aggressive blading), Inline Freestyle, Inline Hockey, Rink Hockey, Roller Derby, Speed skating, and last but not least Downhill Longboarding and Skateboarding.

The World Roller Games are taking place from the 4th of July till the 14th of July. Find out more about the event and where to find the live streaming right here.

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