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3 beginner friendly tricks to nail on your wakeboard

We asked our pro team rider Viktor Bøndergaard for some advice on the easy tricks to get on with in the wakeboard park. Check out his tips and tricks into becoming a wake guru.

Young, ambitious and in love with wakeboarding, Viktor is already one of the best. That is why we asked him for some help on how to start it off on the board and what are the basics.

No1: Surf 360

The first trick Viktor suggests is the surf 360 or simply, making 360 on the water. You just need to pull the handle to your hip, switch the handle and bend your knees.

This is the basic trick to kick it off and once you have nailed it and have gained a bit of confidence, you can move on to the more complicated spins and jumps.

No2: Kicker 180

This trick is almost the same as the surf 360, however, you first need to bend your knees and then let go with your right hand.

That is, of course, if you are regular. If you are goofy, it would be the left hand.

No3: Ollie

No big surprise that the ollie is among the very basics of wakeboarding too. It is the most simple jump trick in many ‘ride-to-the-side’ sports and the gateway to jumping on kickers and obstacles.

Simply push your board into the water and, well, jump. Viktor’s tip, or more like a reminder here is to always, always bend your knees.


Well, doesn’t sound that hard after all, so don’t hesitate and give wakeboarding a try because it is definitely one of the best summer funs. And if you need gear, check our store, we got all you need there.

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