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Get Loaded up with good vibes

Put a smile on your face because now you can get some of the best-sellers from Loaded longboards in a sweet, custom set-up that won’t rip off your pocket - check the Loaded Icarus and the Dervish Sama are here.

Just because it is such a beautiful summer ahead, we decided to make some Loaded custom-builds for you to enjoy the sunshine vibes.

Keep it balanced with the Dervish Sama

The Dervish Sama deck gives the perfect balance between responsiveness, control, and stability.

The Dervish Sama custom setup is perfect for the carving and dancing lovers with its wide deck and foot locking profile.

Pump and carve through the city

The Loaded Icarus deck set-up is perfect for those of you who want a comfortable and nice ride through town, or anywhere your board takes you.

The drop-through trucks will give you stability at higher speed carving while the extra cork layer at the bottom will absorb the vibrations on the road.

What is a deck without its trucks and wheels

Of course, every detail is important on your board, and that is why we have picked Paris V2 180 trucks for both custom set-ups.

These Paris trucks are redesigned for improved carving experience, and more durability. The bonus - they come in all kinds of funky colors!

The wheels we have picked for those set-ups are the legendary Orangatang 4President wheels, made with the Happy Thane formula for extra grip and quick speed gain after you get out of your carving turns.

Tempted to see more from Loaded, check what we got in stock and pick your summer ride!

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