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The cheeky kitten is ready for the summer. Are you?

Needless to say that RipNDip is one of the coolest apparel brands ever. So to cut to the chase - check these tees and shorts we just got in stock and get ready for the summer with Lord Nermal.

We all love him and he is back in the pocket again.

Lord Nermal, the cheeky cat, which appears on every piece of RipNDip clothing, is now in the back pocket of some really comfy, plush shorts.

And since shorts can’t go without a tee, you should definitely check the Lord Nermal Pocket T-shirt and see what the cat is up to.

Or, you can go brave, think outside the box and sneak into this sweet pastel-colored cliche breaker of a tee.

Want to see more RipNDip? Find them in our store here.

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