Limited edition alert! New DB skimboards with funky designs

Pimp your summer with a new, limited edition skimboard from DB! Check out the well-known Proto and Streamline models with two different flex patterns and some cool colorways that you can’t get anywhere else.

The wide waist and the side cutouts make the DB Proto model one of the most versitile and agile skimboards.

Versatility with the DB Proto

The DB Rigid Proto gives you immediate power transfer and is suitable for the more experienced riders.

The Stiff version of the Proto is the perfect combination of maneuverability and stability, topped with HPL base for easier glides on your favorite obstacles.

The best part, now you can get the Proto in both Rigid and Stiff profile and with some limited badass yellow on black graphics.

The DB Streamline with no mainstream looks

The DB Streamline is famous for its great maneuverability. You can get this one in two different versions as well - Streamline Stiff and Streamline Flex.

Needless to say, we got the limited edition graphics on and the crazy good performance combo.

The names themselves show that one of the boards is a bit more stiff than the other and therefore more responsive while the more flexible one allows smoother rides.

In any case, the spins will be super easy due to the curving rails on those two DB skimboards.

If you want to check out more skimboards from DB, check our page and get ready to glide!

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