Big News: Legendary Rayne longboards are in the house!

We are getting one of the most rad longboard brands a.k.a. Rayne in the house. These boards are some of the techiest and thought through on the market, with 100% devotion to perfection.

When performance matters

We are super stoked to get Rayne longboards for the first time ever on our shelves. Why?

These guys are simply devoted to perfecting longboard shapes and seeking the best tech performance for a board. Just take the Demonseed, for example!

Super stable and easy to ride

The Rayne Demonseed freeride board is a living legend and well-known for many because of its drop-thorough trucks on a drop-down deck.

This means even closer to the ground, which bring super stability and makes it way easier to push around for longer distances.

The Demonseed is designed as the perfect freeride board where you can speed down hills with the maximum of comfort and stability, while you slide easily with the Deep Tub concave and the 3-stage rocked shape.

Fit for both experts and beginners

All this makes the Demonseed not only perfect for the true longboard lovers but also great for beginners who need the stability, stiffness, and ease of pushing to get started.

Add to this a techy set-up with Atlas Ultralight trucks and Rayne Envy wheels and you are absolutely ready to go anywhere you want.


Want to check all we got from Rayne? Visit our shop and pick up your new board there!

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