NEW ARRIVALS: Ethic DTC's first boxed deck + sick new t-bar

Ethic Scooters are here with their first boxed decks ever - the Lindworm V3 Boxed Deck and the Vulcain Boxed Deck! Make sure to check the new light and durable ICS-10 compatible Trianon T-bar as well.

Whether you are on the hunt for a quality boxed end deck or a new sweet T-bar, you will find it among the new parts from Ethic DTC Scooters.

A next level deck

Ethic is taking scootering to a whole new level - with the Lindworm V3 Boxed Deck. It has all the top features from the old versions but comes with boxed-ends now, which makes this deck perfect for both park and street.

The Ethic guys love pegs, and the benefits they give. That's why the new Lindworm has an extra large surface area, equivalent to riding 160 mm diameter pegs.

This provides you with better balance when making tricks such as an Ice Pick. The Lindworm V3 Boxed Deck comes in two different lengths, in 22" and 23".

For the techy street rider

Another first for Ethic is the Vulcain Boxed Deck, which is the perfect choice if you are into techy street riding.

The front plate is cut to give you the perfect surface for doing blunt slides, and the deck ends are made in the same style as the Lindworm to give you better balance when doing grind tricks.

The new Vulcain Boxed Deck still has forged side plates which make the neck almost unbreakable and it is, of course, ready for 12STD, which allows you to ride with 125mm X 30mm wheels.

A class a T-bar

The Trianon T-bar is clean looking, durable, light, and comes in at a strong price.

This no-nonsense Chromoly bar was born out of a need for T-bars which are compatible with ICS-10 compression.

So, if you have an Erawan or Artefact V2 complete and want a T-bar, the Trianon bar is a perfect choice.


Be sure to check out all the new part from Ethic Scooters right here.

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