Why you should consider surf destination Ericeira, Portugal

The summer season has finally kicked in and we are looking to some of the best places to go surfing already. One of the hot spots of Europe we are visiting is Ericeira, Portugal and this is why it is so hot!

Waves for everyone

Since we are talking about surfing, the spots are quite important. In Ericeira and close by, you get some of the most famous waves in the world like Coxos, Cave, Pedra Branca, Matadouro, and much more.

What needs to be pointed out here is that you get a good variety of waves and breaks in a quite small distance from each other.

So no matter if you are a beginner or a pro - there is something for you. We also have quite a lot of gear for you to get you all covered.

Take the soft top boards from O'Neill, for example - easy to transport since they are not so fragile and easy to ride even on the smaller waves.

Hang loose and enjoy the vibe

You will definitely feel the surfy vibe here and feel among your own people. People are walking around with boards all around you, hairs are messy and mood is chill.

No one is in a hurry, the parties are not raving but cozy and intimate, and the sun is shining - can’t get any surfier than this. And just by the way, Ericeira is one Eddie Vedder's favorite surf spots as well, so you might end up on the line-up with Pearl Jam’s frontman!


If you are already tempted and keen for one of these adventures, check our stock of surf gear, pick your “weapon of choice”, and go enjoy the Portuguese coast!

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