Tilt Scooters' first 30mm wheel ever!

Need new wheels? The Stage III is the first 30mm wide wheels from Tilt Scooter ever! Grab a set of these are you are set with a pair of world-class wheels that will make you ride better than ever before

The new Stage III 30x120 Ultralight Wheels gives you fast acceleration and high-speed with minimum weight due to its undercut core. The wide profile ensures a great grip when you are doing sharp turns. The wheels come with preinstalled bearings and spacers.

We have used a 608 bearing, but we included higher quality bearing than most of the brands use on their wheels. By keeping the bearing size consistent, riders don't have to worry about investing too much into their forks, decks, and wheels to ride larger wheels”, says founder and owner of Tilt Scooters Collin Snoek.


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