Slingshot Coalition - the ultimate park wakeboard of the year?

We took the new 2019 Slingshot Coalition wakeboard for a test drive and we got the results - one of the best park boards this summer that will fit any rider, regardless of skill and experience.

First things first, the Coalition comes without fins, so keep it in the park. And this is where the magic happens.

Light, flexible, and stable

One of the highlights about the Slingshot Coalition for 2019 is the Bedrock carbon plates inserted right under the binding area.

This means you are getting a light and playful board that is easy to lift up and pop on the obstacles but still a stable one to control your landings and turns.

A board fit for all

This is what makes the Coalition perfect for any rider - both beginners and experts will be having tons of fun on it.

If you got the skill, the board will be your favorite toy to play with. If you are just starting, it will make the perfect teacher to support and help you.

Jump on anything you want

The Ballistic base in combo with the turned-up rails, or chined rails, makes the board slide and glide on any obstacle you wish without the annoying edge bite that costs you a face plant.

Well, these still happen, but with the Slingshot Coalition board, you will most certainly minimize them.


So give it a try! And if you are still unsure if this is the board for you, check out the rest of our wakeboard gear!

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