Jara Mrstny: Triskates the missing link of blades

For pro blader, Jara Mrstny tri-skates is the missing link connecting fitness and freestyle skating. They are fast, maneuverable and great for cruising through the city, grinding and jumping over obstacles.

They take advantage of the big wheels from speed skating, which gives them speed and makes them perfect for long distance skating.

At the same time, their 3 wheels make them perfect for doing sharp turns and fast maneuvers, which makes them perfect for doing tricks. One of the bladers that have fallen in love with tri-skates is our team rider Jara Mrstny.

"To me, it is the missing link connecting fitness and freestyle skating. I got inspired by a few skaters around the world like Nick Lomax and Danny Aldridge, who started to use them for free skating"

The skate that has it all

Jara has been riding tri-skates for more than 3 years - but what was it what made him fall in love with this setup?

"The big wheels give you speed and allow you to ride on all kinds of surfaces. They are also perfect for things such as marathons. If you live in a large city like me, they can be used for both cruising and freeriding”, he says and adds:

"The wheel size means that you are higher above the ground, so you need to change your technique a bit. You can compare it to carving on skis, it is the same position and technique, which means that you can attack corners like a slalom skier."

Great for doing tricks

Aggressive inline skating is all about grinding rails, gapping stairs and doing airs. According to Jara a big part of this can also be done on tri-skates.

"It is more difficult due to the wheel size and speed, but 80% of aggressive tricks can be done on tri-skates. You just have to keep in mind that you are higher above the ground and go faster because this will make it more difficult to land your tricks," he says and continues:

"People probably also got a bit tired of the limitations of the small wheels that aggressive skates ha, and were looking for a more multi-purpose kind of skates, and these ones will bring you home from the skate park without a problem."

Jara's choice

Tri-skates comes in many shapes and sizes depending on what brand and you choose, and what style you want to ride. So, what would Jara recommend for freeskating?

"I use 100mm wheels. The 110mm and 125mm are better for long distances and straight roads, but they are less maneuverable and are harder to control, especially downhill."

One thing is the wheels, another is the frame and boot. And when we ask Jara about his preferences, when it comes to choosing a setup, his answer is clear.

"I would go for either Powerslide, Seba or Ground Control big wheels frames. Personally, I use the Ground Control Big Wheels Frame with 100mm wheels and Razors Cult boots, which is an aggressive brands that I really like."


Want to get your own pair of tri-skates? Find them right here. Go follow Jara on his Instagram for more freeskating inspiration.

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