Get a Madrid board - get a good lifestyle

The new series from Madrid is called Lifestyle for a reason - get a cruiser or a longboard and you will see what a good life is! They are easy to ride and also easy on your pocket.

Whether it is a cruiser board or a true longboard, Madrid’s Lifestyle series is something to consider. Apart from the stunning graphics and design, you get some real quality complete for a price that won’t hit you hard on the pocket.

Daily commute with style

The Madrid Lifestyle cruiser board is ready to shred out of the box and will take you anywhere you wish.

These pretty cruisers come with Caliber trucks and Madrid Smoothride wheels, which means you got the perfect set-up without having to assemble the board yourself.

Another bonus with the Lifestyle cruisers is that you can choose the material of the deck when you pick the graphics. Yes! You can either get it with maple construction or lightweight bamboo.

Carve, cruise, and slide through the city

Good news is that you can get also a Madrid Lifestyle longboard. These completes will make carving, pumping, and slides way easier than ever.

You are getting drop-through Caliber trucks, Cadillac wheels, and a foot-hugging concave that will assure your smooth ride where you got all the control and stability you need.

Even if that is your first time longboarding, the Lifestyle boards will make sure you get a good experience and help you push further and further.


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