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Grab a Screaming Hand and go skateboarding

Some fresh new decks from Santa Cruz just landed in our shop. The legendary Screaming Hand comes with a few twists and on some solid completes that will make your first tricks pop in no time!

If you are looking for a quality complete that will support you on your way up and make you get even higher, check these new Santa Cruz completes.

Everything on those boards is made to suit the needs of first-time buyers.

Hard Rock maple deck for hard rock kickflips

And talking about pop, all of the new Santa Cruz completes are coming with a solid Hard Rock maple which will help you flip these first tricks like no other.

The foot-locking concave and the classic shape of the decks give super stability and control, which will enhance even further your performance and get you quickly to that double kickflip.

The nitty-gritty parts also matter

The hardware and wheels on these Santa Cruz boards are also picked to help you progress easily and safely.

The bearings have a moderate spin speed and the wheels are small so that you can be more comfortable when trying to pop up the board.

Graphics that will stick out

We can’t talk Santa Cruz and not mention one of the most iconic images, a.k.a. The Screaming Hand.

These new completes feature the Hand in a few new variations which will most certainly turn heads in the skate park. Whichever of the variation you pick, it will be a statement!


If you want to see more goodies from Santa Cruz, check our shop! Skate on!

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