Go old-school with the new retro Madrid decks

Once again Madrid delivers some stylish old school boards that are not only perfect for cruising but also have some stunning graphics, signed by the legendary designer John Lucero himself.

We have stocked some new decks from Madrid and you will love them! The 80s retro cruiser decks are here and adding a solid amount of style and history!

You got two equally cool options

Whether you pick the Mike Smith or the Jon Lucero deck, you will get it signed and with an individual number of production.

Not just another deck

This means you are not only getting a cruiser deck but also a cool piece of artwork, made by the Madrid legend Lucero.

Both decks come in the typical O.G. 80s pig-shape where you get plenty of width so you can cruise around super comfortably and forget all about those nasty shoe bites.

Since all the way back in the 60s, Madrid has been making boards, so you can expect only the best quality materials and pure devotion to the sport.


So check out the rest of the stock we got from Madrid and pick your favorite!

Wanna get perfectly set and ready to go? So check Caliber trucks, which fit perfectly with Madrid's decks and keep it classy with some Flypaper grip tape.

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