Get an iSUP board that can do it all - Slingshot Crossbreed

With the growing popularity of inflatable SUPs, it may turn out a hard task to pick a board that really suits all your needs. That is why we got the Slingshot Crossbreed iSUP for you - it is super versatile and fun.

Go explore or just have fun

Inflatable Stand-Up paddle boards are the perfect solution for travelers who want to explore a bit more than the normal guided tour takes them.

But they are also a fun way to spend the family holiday or chill after a hard week at work. So how do you pick a board that is good for all this?

The board that can take you almost anywhere

Check out this Slingshot Crossbreed iSUP board. What they have done at Slingshot is that they give the perfect dimensions for a board that can be used either in small waves or to tour around a calm lake.

The Crossbreed has a solid structure, cool shape, and some cool extras, like elastic straps for your luggage.

Little extras are always good

Slingshot has made a board with a perfect balance between the length, width, and volume so that you get maximum stability and comfort.

And the best part, it all comes in a package. Yes, pump, paddle, fins, you name it, it all comes in a cool matching Slingshot bag that is comfy to carry and explore around with.

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