New part from Luis Oppel

The Beginner's Mind deck promo from Luis Oppel is one of the best parts we have seen this spring. Find out what a ‘beginner's mind’ means, and check out the new edit right here.

As this video shows, Luis Oppel is still next-level when it comes to street riding. The part is called "A Beginners Mind" a thing that also plays a vital role in the graphics on his TSI Luis Oppel Signature Box Cutter deck...and also in the way he rides!

“The kanji Shoshin on the front of the headtube translates into beginner's mind. It means to have an attitude of openness, eagerness, and no preconceptions when studying, even when you are at an advanced level. I like this way of seeing things, both as a rider and as a person", he says.

The quote is from an interview that we did earlier this year. If you want to read the full article about Luis Oppel's new signature deck, you can find it right here.


Click right here to get your very own TSI Luis Oppel Signature Box Cutter deck. Be sure to follow Luis Oppel for more next-level riding.

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