If in doubt, get a Waveskater - the ultimate water board

Summer holiday is close, you want to try something new or start with some water sport but there are so many. Fear not, Waveskater is the perfect board to start with - super buoyant and durable.

Waveskater is one of the most versatile boards on the market - you can go for bodyboarding or skimboarding, even use it on the snow later on. This makes it perfect for beginners who want a good board without going for a specific sport.

The reason behind Waveskater’s “multi personality” is the revolutionary construction of the board - the one-piece, compression molded EVA foam gives super buoyancy and great durability.

When you are starting off with any kind of water sport, buoyancy (floating on the water), is super important to make your first experiences easier.

Top that up with “virtual indestructibility”, like the guys from Waveskater put it, and you got yourself the best first-time board for anything - from bodyboarding, to drop knee surfing and skimboarding.

Check all the gear we got from Waveskater and hit the beach!

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