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Check out this sweet edit from Eden Gagliano

Our British SkatePro team rider has made a brand new edit for us at his local skatepark. We talked to him about the Parktage edit and about his recipe for the perfect scooter setup.

Scooter rider Eden Gagliano is the proof that there’s no need for a huge budget and weeks to film in order to make a great edit.

"It was filmed in one day at Sol Joel skatepark. My friend Tate and I wanted to film a video for a while, so we thought we might as well get some bangers for SkatePro!"

Be light and be the champion of whips

There are a lot of sweet clips in the Parktage edit, and we immediately felt inspired by all the lines. But what was Edens favorite trick?

"I really like the flair full whip as it is a trick that took me a long time to land and perfect", he says and adds:

"I am riding a Titanium Supremacy Bar and a Dylan Morrison AO deck. The lightness of the bar makes my full whips and bars so fast! The deck is perfect for 5.0 grinds and rail tricks because it's so stable and large.”


Want to know the rest of Eden’s setup? Well, he rides the Kevin Austin wheels from River scooters and a Tilt Scooters fork and a Tilt ARC SCS clamp. Be sure to follow Eden on Instagram for more great clips.

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