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Nils Jansons: Taking care is an investment in yourself

His new film "Mind Your Step" shows that Nils Jansons is a world class blader. His secret, take care of his body, so he can keep doing the bangers for years. Find out how he does right here.

Aggressive blading is just about the best thing to do in the whole world. But how do you make sure that we still can grind rails, gap ledges, and race down ramps as we are getting older?

For pro blader Nils Jansons, keeping in shape in order to improve and work on old injuries is an investment.

"It's an essential thing to do as a blader and as an athlete if you want to maintain having fun and feel good without pain. People should stay in shape, warm up, stretch out, and take care”, he says.

Stay on top by being in shape

That’s a must for pro bladers like Nils himself, competing at a high level and throwing crazy bangers but what about the rest of us, do we also need to take the same precautions?

"You get by without it, but it will improve your everyday feeling and performance. There is always a risk of getting hurt but if you are strong and healthy you are ready to tackle what life throws at you," he says and continues:

"It sucks that we only remember to take care when we are ill or something is broken. The turning point for me was when I had a big injury. This gave me some time to think about what is important, and how to keep doing what I love"

Many little things add up to a lot

Blading will for sure work up some sweat for most people, but taking the time to do an extra exercise can only help to improve your performance

Photo by: Kaspars Alksnis

"Whether it's going to the gym, running or just using your own body weight you can only benefit from it. Just think about it, when you are blading you are not working on your core, but you need a strong core in order to be able to take a fall and feel great the next day," he says and adds:

“I use my body weight to do exercises such as pushups, squats, one-legged squats, exercises on a balance ball, and core exercises. I give extra attention to my ankles and my knees, which are my weak points. I also go for a swim or a run for a few times a week, and last but not least I stretch, which is important.”


Be sure to check Nils Jansons's new edit/documentary right here, it's epic! Also, check out his very own signature aggressive skate, which you can find here.

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