More than 360 km on a longboard - one cause!

Jim, Ted, Daniel, and Timmy are on a longboarding journey from Amsterdam to Calais. What made them do it? They are supporting the Children Cancer Foundation by raising awareness and funds.

Sometimes all it takes to change the world, or at least a small child’s world is a longboard. And the two friends, Jim and Ted, have already figured out how - they started “Skate for Kids”.

They grab their longboards, take on a trip and by raising the awareness, they collect funds for the cause.

The good thing is, you can join and help them on their journey. As Ted puts it:

“All forms of taking the message out is good. Just spread the word, and help with even just a little. Because little by little will be much in the end.”

Each great deed has a beginning, sometimes humble

The idea was born by chance - a lost bet, that made Jim longboard from Northern Thailand to Singapore for the Children Cancer Foundation. And Ted decided to join his old mate:

“Being a father and having toddlers myself, I thought it was a great initiative. I wanted to do something different, that I really think is inspiring and for a good cause”.

And the future is only to get better

Now the guys are taking 1 or 2 small trips a year and already have a routine, so once the last trip is done, they start planning the next one.

“The plan is to have an “ideal non-profit organization" with more future trips where the goal and mission will be to raise money and highlight the problem”, says Ted and continues:

“If you highlight something like this, bring it out, people realize how horrible this is. And as parents of small children, we find this cause very close to our hearts”.

Yet another good cause

But the good deeds don’t end with this - the four guys, together with their RV driver, Richard and film man, Filip, are also aiming at spreading the message to wear a helmet. Going on a journey like this, the guys have experienced and seen how important a simple helmet can be:

“It's a nice feeling having your head completely free or just having a cap on but it is not worth it!"


So if you want to help the guys, go to their donation page here, and follow, like, share, and join their journey on Instagram.

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