Three stunning sunny boards for your little rider

Get the true west-coast sunshine vibe for your kid with Ocean Pacific. These fresh longboards and cruisers come with original and vibrant graphics, high-quality hardware, and tons of happiness in store.

Ocean Pacific has been around all the way since 1972 with its roots in California, so you can be sure that you will be getting a true surf and action-filled ride with any of their boards.

Cool colors for the cool kids

They are always fresh and fun, which is just the thing for the younger riders.

Take, for example, this Ocean Pacific Grom complete - it has quality hardware making it super responsive and a shape that gives the young guns freedom to cruise till they drop.

Let them be free and ride

And talking about dropping, you can also go for the OP complete longboard with drop-through trucks which will bring the young rider closer to the ground, ensuring stability and control. It is also more trick friendly with its twin-tip shape.

Cruising the streets at sunset

You can also go for a pure west-coast cruiser, the OP Sunset board. It has soft bushings for sharper turns, fast bearings for extra speed and, of course, cool vintage graphics for a sunny feel.

If you want to see more from Ocean Pacific, visit our store and pick your favorite. Aloha!

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