What's with all these kite foils?

Hydrofoils are on the rise and there are quite a few good reasons for that - it's an amazing ride, the conditions are not such a factor, and much more. Check it out and see what's the fuss about!

What is that thing called a foil?

Hydrofoils are the weird things that stick out from the bottom of some of the kiteboards you see at the beach and keep them raised above the water. The foil is a mast with attached hydro wings at the bottom which makes you “fly” above the water surface, like this Slingshot Hover Glide one. Plus, it makes kitesurfing even cooler!

The advantages of riding with a foil

First of all, the feeling is simply amazing! You will be kitesurfing like a dolphin on a wave. Anyone who has started explains that there is nothing that can be compared to flying freely above the water without even making a sound.

Secondly, exactly because of the up-lifted position you are in, the conditions matter way less than in a “traditional” kite session. You can ride on choppy waters, or butter-flat, on waves and when the wind is not that strong.

Yes, hydrofoils can lift you up even in lighter winds. Plus, the effort you need to put in controlling a foil board is way less than on a normal kiteboard. Just check this Slingshot Alien Air, even the name is enough to get the idea.

Foil boards need just a slight movement to be directed and the angles you can achieve are crazy.

Psst, and you don’t need a special kite for it. Just start off with whatever you got and later, when you are completely hooked, you can buy a special foil kite.

Is it hard to learn to kitesurf with a foil?

First of all, it really depends on the person. Some might take an hour to get used to, others a day session. It all depends on your willingness and persistence but definitely, give it a try!

Starting to foil in the beginning feels like starting to kitesurf all over again. Expect a few crashes and a few spastic moves before you are completely comfortable with the feel and balance on the foil board.

But regardless if it is 2 hours or 10, the feeling of foil kitesurfing is a totally new sensation for your body that will ensure a very long-lasting smile on your face.

So grab all you need at SkatePro and definitely give it a try - it is totally worth it!

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