Happy Valentine's day
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Alert! Dope skateboard video from our team riders is up!

We got a late Easter present for you - our skateboard team has a new video that is up and ready for you to check out! Follow the five guys on their road trip in search of new spots and new tricks.

Sebastian Hofbauer, Adrian Hirt, Jamie Manning, Ylli Meholli, and Niklas Walldén decided to spend Easter on the road and skate some of the coolest spots in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Malmö.

When we asked one of the guys, Niklas, to sum it in one sentence he replied:

"It was a great trip with a lot of laughs and good skating!", and then continues:

"The best about a roadtrip like that is to meet new friends, see different cities and spots".

So check it out, comment and share your favorite tricks! And if you need some new gear, find it on our shelves on SkatePro.com.

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