Meet the 9-year old gold medalist from this year's Brits

Palmer Parish is one of our youngest team riders and recently a proud gold medalist in freestyle skiing from this year's British Freestyle Championships. We caught him after the win for a quick chat.

Palmer is only 9 years old but already has big dreams about X-Games and the Olympics. He just came home from this year's Brits with a gold in Slopestyle and U12 Big Air, nailing a perfect 720! Let's hear it from the little champ!

Congrats Palmer, we are super proud of you! So how does it feel to win?

It feels really good- I’m pretty happy with how it went with The Brits this year (British Freestyle Championships).

What does it take to win there?

I guess you have to be prepared for whatever will happen. You need to stay cool and think about what tricks you want to do and not let the nerves take over.

Guess it takes a lot of practice as well. What makes you get up and put on your skis on a very cold early morning?

I always look forward to seeing my friends out on the slope- skiing with other people is the best bit!

So what should we expect from you? What is your dream when it comes to skiing?

I just want to be able to shred whenever I like. Of course, it would be amazing to be at something like the X-Games or the Winter Olympics too (smiles)!

What would you say to all the others who are still in doubt if they should go for the sport they love?

Doing something you love is good for you... I say go for it!

Do you have any pro tips and tricks?

You’ve got to be ready to take some slams and get up again in any Freestyle sport I guess, so the correct gear is really important to protect you!

And when you’re doing ski tricks, it’s all about the pop!


Some really wise words from such young gent! Check him out on Instagram and hit us if you need some gear. And if you need some help picking a pair of freestyle skis, try the video below.

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