Go dancing with these 3 fantastic roller skates

With the brand new Chaya Melrose roller skate models, you will be looking good, feeling comfortable, and be in control - everything you need to go out there and roller disco dance away.

Whether you are into a glitter look and flashy patterns or a smooth low-key design, you can find a suitable model among the new skates from Chaya Melrose.

Look good, skate even better

The Chaya Melrose Candy and the Melrose Glitter roller skates will not only make you look good but also give you the best possible foundation for having fun.

Your feet will be comfortable at all times thanks to the soft EVA foam padding in the boot, and the high cuff will give you the best possible support.

The stiff plate, aluminum trucks, and the hard cushions give you great stability and a smooth roll - All things that make these roller skates perfect for both cruising and dancing.

A supreme roller skate for the beginner and the pro

Want a smooth look, great comfort, and high performance? Chaya Melrose Supreme Classic Dance got it all.

The padded high cuff boot gives you great support and keeps your feet comfortable. The Chaya Shari plate makes the skate highly responsive. Do you want to go to the skate park? Just mount the Chaya Karma Grind Blocks, and you are good to go.

Breaking, pushing off and doing dance moves is much easier thanks to the adjustable toe stops on these skates to be able to customize them to your personal preference.


Be sure to check out the rest of our quad skates right here and watch the video below if you want to learn 3 easy dance moves that will make you look like a pro in no time!

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