Find your skateboarding style with Sebastian Hofbauer

Sebastian Hofbauer is one of our team riders who always has some creative trick or crazy line in store. He has a distinctive style and now we can sneak peek into how and why he skateboards the way he does.

Sebastian Hofbauer has quite some experience with skateboarding that sums up to roughly 16 years. In the very beginning, he does some competing, wins a few big ones but then gradually moves away from it. Now, he just wants to skateboard.

"Style is to make something difficult to look easy"

This is how he defines "style" in one sentence. This also how he skates. For him flow, beautiful lines, and original tricks that you invent are the most important part of skateboarding.

"It is such a great satisfaction doing something that has never been done before!", says Sebastian and continues:

"I see skateboarding as a way to express myself. As a sport, of course, but also more as an art. Something where you can always try something new, and mix up tricks".

How to build your own style

Sebastian shares that he hasn't always been that free-spirited guy and emphasizes that his attitude and view of skateboarding did play a big role into shaping his style. And just like all people change their minds over time, the same happens with a skateboarding style.

"Style is always developing, I think, and the more experience you got, the more comfortable you would feel on your board", Sebastian tells us.

Another factor though is also traveling. When he goes around countries, with his skate on his back, he always meets up with the locals, with friends and absorbs everything he likes:

"I like to travel, pick the pieces I like from the people I meet and create something totally new...like the salad bowl of America. You got the tomatoes, the leaves, maybe some cheese and it tastes so good together. Same with skateboarding!", laughs Sebastian.

He says that having all those influences and inspirations can only help you skate better and basically anything you want.

Should there be any routine at all

After all this talk, we asked ourselves if all this freedom and creativity to express yourself through skateboarding can be put into some kind of routine. It seems almost impossible but then Sebastian explains his session routine:

"I normally go to the skate park with my friends, or sometimes for a street session; do a bit of a stretch up, then just cruising around, doing a few manuals or quarter tricks and then all of a sudden someone gets an idea and it all starts. So I do have a routine, I just never know how it ends"

So just go, express yourself, be creative and use skateboarding to its full potential because it has so much to give! If you need anything, we got your back at SkatePro! Skate on and follow us and Sebastian on Instagram.

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