Get the perfect wetsuit for your young ripper

Have your kids grown out of their wetsuits in just a seasons time? Then check out these new wetsuits from O’Neill. Find the perfect fit for the kid and keep him/her comfortable and safe in the water.

One of the most important things about the right functioning of a wetsuit is that it fits perfectly. This will say - not too tight to stop your blood flow, or too loose for the cold water to get in easy.

This is why kids’ and junior wetsuits should be changed once the little surfers have grown out of them. One of the brands that really embraces especially the young ones is O’Neill and therefore, we have a wide range of wetsuits for all of them.

For example, the 2mm shorty, O’Neill Reactor is perfect for protecting your kiddos from the harmful UV rays without compromising on their freedom to move and enjoy.

You can also find the 2mm O’Neill Reactor also in a long-sleeve version and sizes fit for those that are already mastering the waves and winds.

If your kids are already better than you and they are ready for some serious surf action, then the 3mm O’Neill Reactor Junior is the perfect option. This wetsuit is equipped with all the technologies that a surfer needs for some really good and long times in the water.

And because there should be nothing in the way of funs, not even the smallest pebbles at the beach, you can always get them a pair of O'Neill reef shoes...just in case. Aloha!

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