Check out these amazing fitness inline skates

Tri-skates are a true favorite among fitness inline skaters all over the world. But can three big wheels really do it better than four? The answer is yes. Find out why, right here.

You get speed and on long distances, they are a pure energy saver when it comes to maintaining momentum, thanks to the big wheels.

The 3-wheel setup with its short frame length makes them very maneuverable, and the big wheel diameter provides you with a smooth ride.

We found brand new tri-skates that will make fitness inline skating a pure pleasure.

A comfortable and light skate

With the K2 Trio 110 Inline Skates on your feet, you are sure to get a light, comfortable and fast fitness skate.

The 110mm wheels give you speed and maneuverability. At the same time, the size means that you can easily roll over cracks and bumps.

You get a top support thanks to the cuff, and the K2 soft boot will provide you with a crazy comfortable fit and it will keep your feet ventilated and dry.

A fast high-end fitness inline skate

The Powerslide Swell 100 is made for fitness skating. You get supreme power transfer, excellent control, and stability, due to the Trinity Frame. Its 3-point mount also makes it absorb the vibrations from the road.

Comfort is essential and the MYFIT Skinny Boy Dual Liner plus the power knit on the boot make sure that you can go on for hours without getting sore feet.

The liner and the boot are heat moldable giving you the perfect fit, which is key for your performance!

Great support and maneuverability

Go fast with the Rollerblade Sirio 100 3WD. The tri-wheel setup gives you fast acceleration, easy maintenance of speed, and great maneuverability.

The high cuff provides you with extra stability to give you balance and lock your feet in a position when you get the maximum out of every stride.

The boot will keep your feet happy and comfortable due to the padded tongue and ankle area. Furthermore, the mesh on top will allow your feet to breathe.


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