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Make a bargain and go touring during Easter!

No plans for the Easter holidays? Read on! We have the perfect suggestion and the perfect gear for that suggestion - touring skis for your backcountry trip and enjoy the mountain like you have never done before.

People often go traveling during Easter, and it is either somewhere warm or somewhere with snow. Well, we can definitely tempt you to go for the second option with some really good deals on our touring gear.

Why is touring during Easter simply the best

Ski touring during April is perfect because the conditions are milder - you will get plenty of sunny days, and a tan is just as possible as at the beach.

If you have never tried touring, now is definitely the perfect time!

Get the right gear and enjoy

Touring skis allow you to explore every bit of the mountain and that’s why they are quite specific.

They are light, so they can be easy to walk/carry up, and wide, so you can float like a king on the untouched snow.

Usually, getting geared up for a touring trip can get quite pricey but in April you can always get some good deals on accommodation and, of course, skis.

Check these Black Crows Vastus Freebird, for example - it is the perfect touring ski at some really sweet price.

Just go for it!

Still not sure if this is your thing? Just see what you can do once you get up the places where noone else can!

Stoked? Then look up our touring ski stock and also the section with all the extras you need. And if you have any questions, we are always here to help out.

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