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Behold! "So You Can Longboard Dance?" 2019 is coming!

Ladies and gents, the time has come for one of the biggest longboard dancing competitions, SYCLD 2019. Book your calendars for April, 20th and 21st because it is going to be big.

Eindhoven, The Neatherlands is getting flooded by some of the best longboard dancers just in a matter of days at this year's "So You Can Longboard Dance"!

And it all started like this...

What started as a day session with mates turned out to be the beginning of a major longboard dancing event, as organizer Bianca Kersten says:

“In fact, it was just a day skating with friends and then the whole world came. And what is special is the positive atmosphere. No matter what level, age, or nationality; or if you are friends or strangers - it’s like a big family reunion.”

We promise that the party afterwards is also going to be a blast since SkatePro is the proud host and sponsor of the event at the famous AreaFiftyOne skatepark.

Event highlights to look forward to

One of the news for this season's SYCLD is that there will be both sponsored and non-sponsored categories for the lady riders.

Top that up with grom competition, free adult and kids longboard lessons both days, photo and film competition, and, of course, pros like Hans Wouters, Cassandre Lemoine, and many many more.

So come and join us for in Eindhoven on 20th and 21st April for So You Can Longboard Dance 2019 and see the highest flips, the best moves, and flow like no other!

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